Kuailu Group Closed Many Branches

Evening of March 31, Deer fiscal line its official website announcement, in the Division I recommend many products, some products in cooperation with Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as “fast deer Group”), the Division I follow back section tracking and rigorous investigation, found some liquidity shortage. For this sudden event, our company has carried out Kuailu Group emergency communication, the current understanding of the funding gap of 3 billion yuan. Kuailu Group has a clear commitment to provide a total value of less than 30 billion in assets, as a customer cash collateral.

Kuailu Group, another “strategic partner” the day of wealth also appeared deferred payment and a run on its official website on April 1 announcement that “after emergency communication and Kuailu Group, Kuailu Group on the Division I as a platform related investment products on sale, all of its assets to make cash underpinning security. “was not open Kuailu group’s official website, it has also been restored, but the information about Kuailu, it has been removed the previous section and Kuailu Group strategic partners related content. According to the announcement, Financial and Deer, the amount of cash the day of wealth involved were 300 million yuan and 1.5 billion yuan.

For the current financial difficulties Kuailu Group, an unnamed internal Kuailu Group staff of the Weekly Times correspondent, said in March Kuailu only Shanghai shut down a number of subsidiaries, and salary are doing moderation . In its wholly owned subsidiary Kuailu, he fired half the staff, number one salary suspended. And in the day of payment crisis in wealth, the relevant responsible person also told Die Zeit reporter admitted that the recent abolition of redundant departments and stores.


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