Huawei Smart Watch Starts from Over Here

As we all know, has had HUAWEI WATCH with stylish look and a good experience, the perfect combination of fashion and technology, foreign media as “by far the most beautiful smart watch.” The HUAWEI WATCH moon and stars series continues HUAWEI WATCH fashion gene, beginning with a fashion show debut release. Site also invited three walk in the forefront of fashion designers to explain the unique design concept, the moon and stars series HUAWEI WATCH fashion ideas passed to consumers. Victoria secret supermodel Ximeng Yao also invited to the scene to personally show HUAWEI WATCH Xingyue series fashion wild characteristics.

HUAWEI WATCH moon and stars series with a high-end fashion Swarovski gemstone elements with Swarovski artificial gemstones version and two versions of natural stones Swarovski Edition. In the luxurious rose gold crown studded with 68 Swarovski stones, shiny, luxurious lifestyle. Meanwhile, the moon and stars series also uses high-end Italian crocodile leather strap, and there are three color options, allowing users to have more choice with.

Speaking with, HUAWEI WATCH moon and stars series better. On the basis of the balance of the original 40 on the dial, the balance of 10 women Exclusive custom dial. Let female users, whether in the feast, or the workplace, or leisure time can have the appropriate dial with.

The watch also has a micro-channel chat, QQ, Alipay, micro-channel pay, heart rate detection, motion detection and other functions. Many previously required to operate the phone features, now a HUAWEI WATCH moon and stars will be able to easily complete the series, and numerous practical exercise, health monitoring function is extremely intimate, not only to bring the convenience of life for every woman to wear, but also allow them to pay more attention to physical and mental health.


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