How Should Luxury Brands Sell Their Watches?

Chinese economic slowdown affected, corruption and other factors, the latest results show that the Swiss luxury watch industry in the Asia-Pacific region as the core of Chinese luxury goods market is entering a recession. At the same time, a strong shock wave caused by the Apple Watch has been in this industry is quite new hardware bring out great agitation force, according to market research firm IDC estimates that the second quarter of 2015, Apple sold 3.6 million Apple Watch. The data exceeded the level of iPad and iPhone on sale in the first quarter. Coupled with Apple’s strong appeal intelligent electronic wristwatch gradually lead into the field of fashion, more high-end watch manufacturers sit still.

Swiss luxury watch giant TAG Heuer CEO Jean Claude Biver has not been the Apple fans, Apple Watch released in the early days of ridicule its feminine design, also bluntly prefer smart watches Marketing encourage consumers tempted to buy a expensive products, while consumers will be new listing obsolete because of watch quickly rejected.

By Apple but by the tremendous appeal and brand influence, smart watch industry for the first time with a real education market star products. Biver announced on November 9 and Google, Intel jointly issued an Android Wear smart watch – TAG Heuer Connected, this watch for $ 1500 Android Wear hit the highest price, and Apple Watch stainless steel version of the table fairly priced.

British communications company effort Alexandra King believes, TAG Heuer launched the smart watch will cause a huge stir in the traditional watch market, but the entire watch industry will be further integration of science and technology towards the direction of development.

However, given the recent downturn in the overall performance of high-end watch industry is gradually declining trend and Chinese luxury goods industry, the traditional Swiss watch industry to follow suit launched smart watches alone, can successfully counter-attack? High-tech fields has not been the main battlefield of the cold luxury brands, the traditional Swiss watch industry as the representative of high-end luxury, how to gain the initiative in cross-border marketing, enhance brand value?


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