America’s Economic Data

Three to four trading days this week, including small due to the strong US economic data, including non-farm performance, resulting in increased likelihood of agencies expect the Fed to raise interest rates, the international price of gold fell again, / oz at a position near the fluctuation of $ 1230.

About the Fed raising interest rates, the current Fed official’s statement is not consistent, Xi Yelun week master’s speech contains a very significant dovish remarks, suggesting not easily raise interest rates. Institutions are also expected to be inconsistent. The Fed’s rate hike expectations, the price of gold is to determine the most important factor.

Comprehensive historical trend, the April to June period, the gradual physical buying scarce, the price of gold is often downside bottoming time. This year the price of gold shot up twice, are lower end, the current optimism has been reduced. It depends on whether to hold the line of $ 1214, if not restrain, destined To $ 1,180 to 1,200 line for support. Proposed short-term investors to temporarily wait, pre-short positions may have been bargain profits.


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