Use Swiss Movement to Get Brand Reputation

With innovative Omega watch movement laid brand reputation. Through the Swiss Federal Institute of measurement testing watch awarded “to attain chronometer” title.

Many people consider when buying watches are a lot better than was agreed that mechanical watches quartz watch. Really so? Hangzhou Omega watches Repairs to answer your questions.

In today’s technologically advanced electronic now, in fact, largely mechanical watch craftsmanship no longer relevant, mostly mechanized production line. If the production of rough mechanical watch, quartz watch so as not to come too easy. So, if the budget is not high, but also afraid to wear like a mechanical watch that trouble, then why not wear a quartz watch?

In 1969, when the first piece of Japan’s Seiko invented the quartz watch, watch from the market had a strong impact on the traditional Swiss watch industry was a serious impact. Quartz watch with functional and practical, the price advantage and stylish qualities and so also won a large number of fans. So what are the advantages of Omega quartz watch?


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