The Development of Swiss Watch

I am not afraid to speak with you, I do wear the watch 380,000. But you see, we Chinese people spend more than three hundred thousand people to buy a watch, is not it silly? 380,000 it really worth? not worth! We bought a brand is the people. “March 9 morning, in the Federation panel discussion, CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new Hualian Group and president Fu Jun To illustrate the urgent need to revitalize the Chinese national brand, at his wrist to” show “his watch.

“China has a number of valuable brand? Some people say one hundred, some say ten, some even say not one.” Fu Jun deplored. Fu Jun stunned, his seminar bold “personal experience”, not show off their wealth in the Federation group, but to create valuable Chinese brand cries.

Brand is to ensure that the spending power of brand awareness higher, indicating that the commercial value it contains greater, consumer groups to attract the more, the more wide range. As a private entrepreneur, Fu Jun familiar with the brand value of the road, about 26 years ago, Fu Jun “abandoning politics from business” to create a new Hualian Group, with strong strength and advance the strategic vision, the development has been its “New Hualian real estate” “new Hualian Mining”, “Dongyue Chemical”, “Hualian ceramics,” “JLF wine”, “Shangri-La Tibetan secret” “open smile wine” and a series of industry-renowned brands, with 14 Chinese well-known trademarks, for 11 consecutive years among the Chinese China’s top 500 enterprises and 50 private enterprises ranks.


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