Small Nutshell Watch Loved by Youngsters

Nutshell smart round table is the world’s first circular screen smart watches. It is reported that in a Nutshell smart round table initial project phase, Nutshell Electronics did a 100,000-scale surveys, a very important conclusion is – for smart watch, the aesthetic appearance of Chengdu more than intelligent important. So Nutshell Electronics will dial design Nutshell smart round table became a circular shape follows the shape of luxury watches CushionRound, because in order to watch the traditional heritage of temperament and elegant, consumers will often worn on the wrist.

Nutshell smart round table also has a lot of unique innovations and user-friendly features, such as “normally obvious” screen time, far more than similar products of standby time, built-in app store, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth multiple connectivity options, standard 24mm strap axis, with their own consumers can opt for any replacement strap and so on.

In addition to outside looks very attractive, retinal Nutshell smart round table screen resolution is 320 * 320 pixel density of 359PPI, and can switch between any of the electronic ink display mode and the high-definition true color display mode, without raising his hand or click on the screen you can see the time, this screen is also known smartwatch highest resolution, rich visual performance, and interactive personality concise to give users a better experience.


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