Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Appears Soon

On the CES 2016 held early this year, Samsung has said its own popular smart watch Gear S2 will support iOS platform during the year, but then the Samsung did not give a specific date. And now the good news is that Samsung probably will not let you wait too long, perhaps within a month Gear S2 and can be paired with the iPhone, which means that there are less than two weeks look.

It is understood that the representative of Samsung in a conversation revealed the news, and in order to make Tizen system equipped with compatible iOS Gear S2, Samsung is expected to release at the same time upgrade the firmware update will launch the appropriate application for iOS, allowing users to be able to synchronize data migration to the new device.

But note that, so far Samsung has not officially confirmed Gear S2 support program for iOS, so the specific update time also push the remaining variables, but taking into account the distance Gear S2 now been officially released for some time, in order to not fade consumer perspective, support for the iOS comes should be the sooner the better.


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