Nearly 90% Shares Go Up This Week

The Shanghai index this week within a narrow range around 3000, the two cities rose on Wednesday pulled up the income of the Fund. Nearly nine funds rose this week, where the class grade fund B shares rose the most, which stock funds and hybrid funds this week over Jiucheng rise, ETF this week also rose over Jiucheng, only three fell, bond fund returns down, this week ups and downs mixed, QDII fund over Jiucheng also rose this week, the IMF on the 7th annual rate of return is still tepid.

Profitability equity funds and hybrid funds this week again been validated, the Shanghai index within a narrow range, two funds are still up over Jiucheng. Wherein ENTREPRENEUR new trends preferably rose 5.52 percent, the largest increase in postal enjoy a year on a regular basis rose 5.32%, Chinese businessmen new power rose 5.11 percent, ICBC Credit Suisse New Financial rose 4.88%; in the cozy security of the fell 1.87%, the largest decrease in the financial industrial upgrading fell 1.20%, down 1.04% Dacheng consumer topics, Hua Tai Borui value growth fell 1.04%.

Also this week, grading fund over Jiucheng rise class B share rose overall ranking, convertible bond fund B shares declined the most. Wherein Shen Wan Ling letter deep into B rose 10.56%, the largest increase, Peng Huazhong liquor license B rose 8.13 percent, Wells Fargo Securities sports industry B rose 7.53%, Bank of the country permits new energy B rose 7.40 percent; Soochow Securities Convertible Bonds B fell 7.83 percent, the largest decrease, Yinhua CSI B convertible bonds fell 4.33%, in the sea Huifeng net debt rating fell 2.08%, China Merchants country permits biomedical B fell 1.61%.

ETF this week also rose over Jiucheng, only three fell. Where the South China Securities 500 Industrial ETF rose 3.25%, the largest increase, Invesco Great Wall Securities 800 Food & Beverage ETF rose 2.70 percent, Hua Germany 30 (DAX) ETF rose 2.68%, Yi Fang Daheng students H-Share ETF rose 2.61%; certificate of raw materials on China ETF fell 0.84%, the largest decline, Hua Securities segment real estate ETF fell 0.56%, China Shanghai energy ETF fell 0.51%.


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