High Valued Brand Watch Were Stolen

Yesterday afternoon, the East Branch of Huashan new police station received two nearly simultaneous alarm call. Alarm call is a call from Lee: claiming it lost in a hotel a hundred thousand dollars worth of Rolex watches, in their own return to the hotel to find no avail, request the public security organs to help. And another alarm call is a call from the hotel owner, said some people claiming that they took possession of a valuable watch, request police to prove their innocence.

Shi Xuerong female police on duty rushed to the scene to understand that, from Ezhou rushed to Huashan business owner Lee on April 3 to stay at the hotel, after the arrival of two days because of a hurry, in a hurry to leave the hotel checkout. 6 at noon, he had no intention of viewing time watch displays, and found empty left wrist, a Rolex watch worth a hundred thousand dollars disappeared, he immediately rushed to the hotel search, nothing found, emotional he began questioned hotel party.

Faced with Lee questioned, the hotel staff thought he had a day before departure came over to ask for the watch, blackmail, under dispute, the two sides at the same time the alarm. Shi Xuerong immediate access to the hotel the day of trouble Party surveillance video, the whereabouts of Mr. Lee out for all hotels to be carefully analyzed: Through video surveillance showed that guests when Lee did wear a watch, but the video angle problems that can not discern It is watches. While leaving the hotel, Lee hurried to go out, do not view their habitual watch the action, no traces of a similar view to luminous watches on their wrists.


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