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Exclusive distributor in mainland China and six brand online Wan table in the global watch industry has a good reputation and industry reputation, has contracted directly with the international top watch brands, with more than 15 leading European watch brands exclusive agent. Wan Network has been strictly adhere to the table the whole point of self, European or Chinese brands brand licensees direct sourcing, to ensure 100% genuine original. Wan table network daily visited by more than 300,000 traffic industry first, the first brand, has been established without a fake complaint been confirmed.

Wan table provided in Switzerland, Germany, France, Hong Kong four branches under the domestic first-tier cities with more than a dozen lines experience center in China with top watch repair authorized qualification more than 1,000 service outlets cooperation, global coverage cooperation watches in most countries and regions including Switzerland, France, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Macao more than 2,000 stores.

Wan Wan owns Table Table Network (China’s largest watch vertical business platform), Wan expressing human (global watch O2O cross-border services platform), Wan table hall (shop experience in the global watch line), Wan table Mingjiang (global watch maintenance system), Wan table CLUB (top watch players Club) 000 list of the world (global News interactive media watch) and other six strategic business units.

Wan table in early 2012, “Chinese angel investment in the first person,” Xue Manzi investment, in December 2012 to complete the tens of millions of risk level A round of investment, in June 2015 completed B round of financing, currently more than 300 employees The company is headquartered in Guangzhou Zhujiang New City CBD.


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