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Watch waterproof rely on table mirror, back cover, head, etc. waterproof apron to achieve the appropriate standard. All are in the water table have hit bottom cover “WATER RESISTANT” English words or “WATER PROOF” of. No water mark can only watch the dust should be avoided wet. 30 meters (3ATM, ie three atmospheres) water table, Wash hands or use the rain, which only drops splashing on the surface and did not have any water pressure is applied to the table. 50 m water table suitable for swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof watch can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work.

Aging waterproof apron can affect the water resistance of the watch, so watch waterproof apron and head (containing water laps) should be changed regularly based on usage. Quartz watch at every battery replacement shall also replace the water element to ensure good water resistance.

Water tables are not wearing any wash hot water bath, sauna or large temperature changes in the environment. Because waterproof apron will be affected by temperature, thermal expansion and contraction voids and accelerated aging causing water condensate, severe mechanical damage will occur in the water and tables.

If the water is not serious, but there is an inner glass layer of mist, then several layers of toilet paper can be used or hygroscopic flannel table package Yan, baking in 40-watt light bulb from 15 cm to about 30 minutes, you can eliminate moisture . * Avoid the windshield near the fire directly baking sheet so as not to suffer thermal deformation. Can also table, Mongolia and DPRK, the bottom shell outwards, anti-worn on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be removed. If the water is serious, the best watch shop immediately sent Oil it clear the movement of moisture to avoid rusting parts.


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