Was Your Watch Broken Because of Carelessly Use?

Wang Xinxian table in a store to buy a 3978 yuan worth of imported watches, until this year, when the watch has been due not to go into the repair shop several times. Not allowed, allow operators to explain why watch when Wang walked out wondering: This watch is suitable for young people to wear, will be better when more exercise walking.

February 11, 2014, Mr. Wang Xinxian Shenxian urban consumers for a store to buy a table imported watches, worth 3978 yuan. I did not expect, this is not how expensive watches handy. Wearing only a month, the watch was not a problem when walking, repaired, and only two months later, the watch not go, the operator explanation could be put back problem, this time to repair more than a month, after the fix is ​​still several repairs.

So until the May 2015, when the watch repair because not go to July, Mr. Wang to ask whether the watch repaired, the operator was told yet repaired. This allows Wang feel the watch may not fix it.

An expensive watch so frequent maintenance, and even ordinary watch can not match, Wang very much doubt the quality of this table, under the anguish and doubt, Wang Xinxian complaints to the Consumer Association, requested retirement table.

Shenxian consumer associations immediately made contact with the operator, the operator after the scene, first explained the watch repair for a long time the reason is logistics errors delayed a month’s time.

Why is this watch for frequent maintenance, the operator said consumers might be age, “wear this watch for young people, will be better when more exercise walking.” As for maintenance records, the operator said customer service in every repaired after the service small ticket destroyed regard, unfilled maintenance records on the warranty card, but also for the sake of customers. After the staff explained the relevant laws and regulations to the operator, the operator can change the representation of the movement of consumer watches, but consumers stick back table. After the final mediation, the two sides reached a consensus: the operators to return the watch 4000 yuan a whole, consumers return the watches.


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