The O2O Online Shop of Brand Watches

Since 2016, Wan table net O2O ecosystem has been made practical breakthrough, reached a strategic cooperation with Hong Kong Harmony table row table row Guangcheng, respectively, will table the major row over the country’s sales service channels included. Wan table buy online watches, table rows can cooperate to more than 1,000 after-sale repair shops across the country to enjoy the service.

Luxury and mass consumer goods different, not only high prices, but also the elite consumer groups pay more attention to experience a sense. Luxury high quality, but also in that it has a complete set of after-sales service process. Luxury addition to the normal use, but also need regular maintenance to a professional shop for special care. Whether foreign or domestic procurement to buy a big pain point perfect after-sales service are the luxury industry. Wan Xiao Xiao Table Founder himself said, “We do not just sell a watch it.”

Cooperation and Harmony table row is just the beginning, according to Wan table website, the future planning of O2O ecosystem project is the high-end watch brands, retailers entities, sale and repair shops, media, consumers all sectors together, so the best use, play a role in every aspect, and ultimately create a global watch O2O platform for innovative services.

Hong Kong Harmony table row is specialized in the distribution and service of the world watches chain, which has a strong after-sales service team of technicians – professional university professors, watch repair technicians and other experts as the core champion, brings together many experienced senior technicians, Breguet, Blancpain, Chopard, Cartier, Omega and other brands of special maintenance licensees. Reached in cooperation with Harmony table rows, table service experience Wan network O2O ecosystem has improved.

In addition, Wan network table and Harmony World Watch Centre together force, lifelong commitment to provide service protection, so that consumers enjoy the internet resource sharing brings more professional, better service.


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