More and More Illegal Imported Products were Detained

Lipstick shape, actually lighters; belt seemingly ordinary, but it is hidden tool; fashion watches, but hidden fiery heart, inconvenient to carry layers of camouflage entrained in checked baggage. Today, a variety of new contraband endless variety, and most of them disguised as household items, extremely difficult to identify.

Camouflage against increasingly complex and varied prohibited items, Changchun airport security unit adherence to the bottom line security, the timely collection of a variety of new, typically contraband, in the security field to carry out “real-time training.” After each new seized contraband, duty teacher will immediately follow up, analysis features, image acquisition, courseware, instructors use business will sooner or later and the rest of the crew to explain in detail the basic characteristics of such contraband, identifying methods and precautions and give answers to problems raised by employees, to discuss the inspectors to ensure the timely and effective to detect such contraband in future inspections.

March 22, the immigration inspector Xu Zaiyu personal Second Division in the implementation of post personal inspection tasks and found a male passenger wearing a watch thickness different from ordinary watches, guests are asked to remove manually check carefully identified, confirmed that Watches with electronic cigarette function, can produce high-temperature flame, can not carry on board. Binding seized “watch-type electronic cigarette,” the immigration service of intermittent use of the Second Division in the immediate work site training, business trainers explain in detail the basic characteristics of such contraband, recognition and attention, and for the staff proposed providing answers to ensure full alerted. Since then again in the 25th, 28th, at different times, different channels, different inspectors successively isolated from passengers and 4 internal staff with a “watch-style cigarette lighter.”


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