Huawai Watch Helps You Learn More About the World

Wife has always been a strong woman, whether at work or in life are very strong, it has been not a princess but the Queen, because of work, working hours can not use the phone, so if I send block smartwatch to her, then it is bound It is excellent, but so at the time, not because I missed not take phone QQ and micro-channel news. So carefully selected one of the most beautiful, the most delicate HUAWEI WATCH exclusive series.

I believe many of my friends know HUAWEI WATCH, in terms of industrial design and performance, it is the best representative of its kind. Now Huawei HUAWEI WATCH designed for women have come, the accumulation of Huawei excellent workmanship and industrial design, but also in the dial, strap also optimized for women, so in front of us is this more refined, and more beautiful female form. And this series are currently a total of three, HUAWEI WATCH · Xingyue Series Swarovski artificial gems paragraph, HUAWEI WATCH · Xingyue Series Swarovski natural gemstones paragraph, HUAWEI WATCH · Exclusive series. Aside from exclusive series, the other two with Swarovski artificial gemstones and Swarovski natural topaz, really inherited the essence of the watch, both classic luxury female form design.

In fact in the past few years Smart Garments broke very quickly, but truly “table” doing good is not much. So HUAWEI WATCH exclusive series such tables only look different, body material, workmanship and feel better, really is the essence of precision watches used in the above HUAWEI WATCH.

We look at the dial, not monotonous light design, three laps around the bezel Paris stud pattern decoration and embellishment played a role in the decoration with a square peg neatly arranged, compact and small pyramid grid, a kind of medieval Europe matrix arrangement “diamond tip” and creating architectural decorative arts. The so ingenious ornamentation embellishment to dial them, making the dial better layering, floating-point perspective can also reflect different gloss meter body is used PVD gold plating and gold plating than traditional, uniform color, more durable wear.


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