How Many Smart Watches Does the World Actually Need?

March 23, according to cnet website reported that for those who expect Apple to be able to disclose the new smart user who watches the news in the conference, there will inevitably be some disappointment. Apple did not disclose any information about the next generation of Apple Watch, but cut some of the new Apple Watch strap price. But Apple is not the only company in the year 2016 has not yet announced the new smart watch product manufacturers.

So far, the impact of two large exhibition –CES and Mobile World Congress, the people see a lot of new TVs, smart phones and a variety of home appliances debut, but the watch is indeed very few categories of products, not only the number multi-vendor product showcase a new watch, Fitbit is one of them.

In the past year, the very different circumstances, including Samsung, Huawei and LG have launched their own manufacturers, including wearable products. Of course, most attention was undoubtedly the Apple AppleWatch.

Now, it is known for innovation Apple just released a new strap, which also implies that the current year is unlikely whole new generation of smart watch, and after a partial adjustment and improvement after, these products are expected to get mainstream consumers all ages.

Smart watches in relatively good performance of the year 2015, a total of 22 million shipments in the figures for the first time exceeded the sales of the watch are traditionally produced in Switzerland. Just to get smart watch whether the average consumer acceptance of this issue, it is also no answer, after all, there is a possibility that: the smart watch also remain in the hands of a tech enthusiast toy stage.


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