How About Seagull Watch?

Seagull watch, produced in the birthplace of China’s first watches —– Tianjin Seagull Watch Group. In 1955 China’s first watch was born in Tianjin, business was set up and record breaking Chinese national watch industry milestones; only China’s first electronic watch, only the first independent (self) design and manufacture of mechanical watches (DF table) and the first one in line with international standards are on the female form was born here. While Hong Kong watch factory in Tianjin, China to jointly create a table row China’s first export of watches (Seagull table). Today, Seagull watch remains the country’s only state-owned watch brand a place in the domestic and foreign markets.

Thereafter, the multi-level, multi-species two series (men, women) single, double calendar automatic mechanical watches nearly 100 kinds of products continue to enrich the company’s technical reserves and the primary product system, enterprise and award-winning products. Development of Tianjin watch industry leaders at all levels of care by the party and state, Jiang Zemin, Li and Zhang Lichang municipal government, Li Shenglin and other leaders were to plant inspections and guide our work, Comrade Ruihuan also gladly wrote the inscription: To “top-notch” , all employees are encouraged by enterprises amounted to 1.7 billion yuan turned over to state tax profits. Since the reform and adjustment, because the domestic watch industry has been the impact of the international market, Chinese enterprises are thirty-eight watch hit bottom, they have been discontinued in trouble.

Tianjin watch industry but insists business advantage to its own product structure adjustment and restructuring assets to adapt to market reform and the need to adjust, and the fundamental interests of the employees with the fate of the organic unity, united as one, not only so that enterprises in the national watch industry took the lead out of the woods and watch the production scale, product structure and market share, have become China’s leading enterprises in the watch industry, completed the transition to the single-winding watch automatic watches, automatic mechanical watches made watches products become mainstream products and ranking the first in watch exports, internal, foreign trade sales market is product demand gratifying situation. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises and a table row again joint cooperation and create domestic “top” watch – a gold watch in Greater China, reflecting the strong market, has become the representative of China luxury watches products.


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