Foreign Currency Reserve of South Korea

According to Yonhap reported April 5, Statistics Bank of Korea (central bank) on the 5th released by the end of March, South Korean foreign currency reserve assets amounted to 369.84 billion US dollars, an increase of $ 4.08 billion, after four months of increases.

Earlier, South Korean foreign currency reserve assets from November 2015 to February 2016 for four consecutive months, the chain reduced. Bank of Korea to respect the reasons appear to increase in March, said the increase due to the weaker dollar, the pound and the euro and other monetary assets converted to US dollars, South Korea’s foreign exchange reserves assets rebound.

South Korea’s foreign currency reserve assets, the portfolio size of $ 340.53 billion, an increase of $ 4.03 billion; International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Rights (SDR) was $ 2.38 billion, an increase of $ 030 million; deposits $ 20.3 billion, an increase of $ 050 million. Instead, IMF reserve positions were $ 1.84 billion, a decrease of $ 030 million. Gold reserves of $ 4.79 billion, unchanged.


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