Companies Reduct the Cost of Operation

Listed companies gradually transcript in front of investors. Among them, one of the topics of executive compensation has become more concerned about the market. While coal prices due to the large loss-making last year, the majority of coal enterprises have reduced the income of employees, executives have not been spared.

“Securities Daily” correspondent according to flush the data and to inspect the listed coal enterprises annual report found that, as of March 31, 15 publish annual coal prices, there are 13 coal enterprises executive pay has declined. Among them, the central rate of pay cuts amplitude coal in coal prices is more of “leading the decline.”

Our most profitable coal enterprises in China Shenhua biggest pay cut. Executives from 2014 per capita annual income of 850,000 yuan in 2015 fell to 50 million, a decline of 41%.

In addition, the decline in the coal energy executive pay 28%; decline Yanzhou executive compensation is 34%.

At the same time, due to a loss of more serious is the ST * ST flowers, per capita annual income of executives from 2014 down to 112,000 yuan in 2015 to 7.6 million, the average monthly salary is only 6,333 yuan.


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