Unbeatable Smart Watch Acceptable to Consumers

From 2015 onwards, smart watches began to be more and more acceptable to consumers, in fact, as early as in 2015, there are many companies in this field was focused on research and development, science and technology and Tuman, it is one of the more well-known a business, as among the first to enter the field of smart watch production business, Tuman science and technology for consumers, represents many different feelings, this alone had defeated three renderings of the most traditional vendors legend Technology company, has experienced setbacks and tempered under the time, a new generation of smart watches Tuman T-RIPPLE is finally here!

Before Tuman T-RIPPLE smart watch, Tuman has released several product iterations, but there is no doubt that today’s T-RIPPLE should be smart enough to watch Tuman proud one, I take from from that moment to the product, it was Pic on the packaging to attract, in today’s era of value everywhere to fight Yen Yen value -RIPPLE smart watches, already considered very high.

Open the package, visible Tuman T-RIPPLE repose where the real machine first glance to be more dazzling than the picture, inspired by the ripples of the combined three-dial using 316L stainless steel, combined with a flexible bi-cutting process, the the build into a beautiful art to share, with retro pin grain leather strap skin-friendly design, coordination and overall looks quite simple business.

T-RIPPLE Smart Watch uses 1.39 inches AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 400 * 400, the screen size and resolution is designed to be extremely comfortable and pleasant to the eye, and the screen size is slightly smaller than the circle now most of the market for watches , it is suitable for the vast majority of consumers to wear the golden ratio, and including in the configuration, T-RIPPLE favorably, using 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM memory portfolio, supplemented by the king is M200 / dual-core 1.2GHz + 300MHz + small nuclear Senser HUB’s ultra-low power CPU, so that the whole life to watch on performance are able to play well.


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