Steady Economy Development Created by Effective Policy Measures

National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data show that in March manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 50.2% last month picked up 1.2 percentage points above the line for the first time back to the ups and downs since last August; non-manufacturing business activity index was 53.8 percent, up 1.1 percentage points for the past two years, the larger increases, slightly higher than a year ago.

National Bureau of Statistics Service Sector Survey Center Senior Statistician Zhao Qing River, said some positive changes began to appear, with the focus on enterprise started after the Spring Festival, as well as the recent supply-side structural reforms to accelerate the manufacturing production and the market has been warmer. The recent rebound in fixed asset investment, real estate market, and production and consumption has also brought a certain role.

The effect of policy measures by the steady growth continue to appear and real estate development and investment growth picked up influence, the first two months this year, investment growth rebounded slightly, the national investment in fixed assets (excluding rural households) increased by 10.2%, the growth rate higher than last year 0.2 percentage points. By industrial enterprises to accelerate sales growth, and oil processing and chemical industry profits rose impact, before this year the industrial enterprises above the scale of 2 months gross profit increased by 4.8%, changing the 2015 full-year profit decline. At the same time, real estate stocks to significantly speed up the progress, the first 2 months of this year, real estate sales rose 28.2%, the growth rate increased 21.7 percentage points higher than last year.

In the first 2 months of cumulative national total electricity consumption 876.2 billion kwh, an increase of 2% to 4% growth in February. In addition, the February consumer price index (CPI) over-year gains are being expanded. That is part of the industrial sector prices rose to expand or narrow the impact of decline in industrial producer prices (PPI) over-year decline continued to narrow.


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