Pop Stars Welcomes 360 Children’s Watches

In China’s first children’s fashion week, 360 children watch become the biggest bright spot. Children on the catwalk with the latest wrists 360 children watch 3S. It is reported that 360 children watch is the largest selling watch children’s intelligence, either form or function, has been a smart child watches trend indicator.

Site every child models based on different styles of clothing, wearing different colored 360 children watches, fashion wild, crazy audience of children, have cried to allow parents to purchase immediately.

360 children watch YANG Da-wei, vice president of marketing at the event, said 360 children watch in the future will kiss baby to carry out comprehensive in-depth cooperation, and work together to build China kiss baby children’s fashion week, to build a benchmark for Chinese children’s fashion, children’s fashion guide China and the fashion industry.

It is understood that China’s first children’s fashion week organizers kiss baby in the domestic first B2F (family service) model, first proposed to convert consumer demand as household demand for consumer unit up. We have now achieved a one-stop consumer maternal family consumers.


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