How to Prepare the Maintanence of Your Watch

How to prevent metal table strand breaks: general metal bracelet has a unique design and special technical processing, generally unlikely to produce this situation. When daily wear, the most important to note is to try not to let love table by external impact or bump.

About everyday wear steel strap after the gray sweat stains questions: daily wear steel strap after the gray sweat stains actually sweat mixed with dust adheres to the table, it can be cleaned.

Metal bracelet also needs regular maintenance and repair: if you wear a long time, wear more serious, we need specialized care and maintenance. At this point you need to check the link between the bracelet, if badly worn, affecting connectivity will need a replacement part, also need to re-connect the screws do to prevent shedding process technology.

Whether the metal strap can operate their own changes in link: not recommended for their own operations, mainly for three reasons: first, the lack of professional tools and equipment; second, the need to make the connecting member special anti-shedding technology processing operations; third, without professional skills training, scratched bracelet risk, but also easily lead to watch shedding occurs during everyday wear.

Metal strap wear and maintenance proposals: First, should pay attention away from daily wear metal table corrosive liquids; second, once the strap section, links and clasp abnormal function, to prevent loss of strap damage or loss Please timely detection and repair.

Fouling treatment on bracelet gap: In order to prevent fouling, wear should pay attention to daily cleaning table, such as love the table recommends off to prevent contact with sweat and dust bracelet during prolonged exercise. If the bracelet has dirty marks, make sure the watch is water resistant in the case of simple good scrub with a toothbrush.


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