Guy Repaired Watches for Nearly 20 Years

60-year-old Xiao Lian Jiang Zhenping solid Azusa Street is full of people, age 14 to catch up, “Down to the Countryside” in village Chongxian Tong Village He spent a few years, but because of young age, a lot of hard work to be done rushing to help the other six brothers . Nothing else to do, studious Xiao Zi whole followed his father to learn watch repair. This was in order to better pass the time, no one thought of this technology along with his life. In 1977, Xiao Zi into the rejuvenating full hardware clock factory. After closure of the factory, Xiao Zi Wei whole on the following township rush repair watches for a living. Repair watches made some money, only now this old watch repair shop. Today, the store has been 25 years old.

Xiao Zi full recall, 20 years ago, countless people come to repair the watch, no matter how long row of teams have to wait, at that time, watch repair this career is very respected, source of income at home thanks to this craft. He said he is full of joy for this career. However, times change, watches very fast replacement, many young people will go to buy brand-name watches and the new, old-fashioned watch has gradually disappeared from sight. Today, many of the original vintage watch parts have also been very rare. Xiao Zi-chuen said:. “Buy designer watches, because the warranty, it will not be the old-fashioned watch repair watch repair shop this way, old watches running out, repair vintage watches the profession will also fade out vision.”

Today, Xiao Zi full vision worse, continue to engage in this trade will increasingly insufficient. The new watches and watch technology formerly poor, whether automatic watch, mechanical watch or family clock, functions are complicated, disassembly and maintenance more difficult, but revenues are still low, even if he’s not willing to inherit his children mantle. “And other vision badly again, I retired quit.” Xiao Zi chuan.


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