Father’s Left Watch Surpasses My Expectation

A British man found a broken father left home when cleaning table drawer, not only did not strap the table, and even the operation is also a problem, but it is actually a super-rare watches from World War II “Rolex 17 Rubis Panerai 3636”, at an auction of 5.5 million pounds (about 510,000 yuan) deal, but his father had only spent less than 10 pounds (about 92 yuan) to buy.

According to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud March 23 reported that this watch “Rolex 17 Rubis Panerai 3636” Rolex Panerai co-production with the Italian company in 1941 to 1943 between, then dedicated to the production of the Royal Italian Navy divers used, a waterproof and luminous function.

Auction “Wright Marshall” said the watch owner’s father about 10 years ago or 20 years ago, bought at an auction, because at that time took only 10 pounds, and then sell the original can only look forward to 500 pounds (about combined 4613 yuan) traded like, I did not expect it to last traded price on the phone excitedly confirmed three times before finally believe.


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