Famous Smart Watch Offered by Differenet Watch Makers

Speaking Taige Ya Hao many people are not very familiar with, but if you are talking about LVMH Group may be familiar with, yes, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Christian Dior belong to the group. As a well-known Swiss watch brand, Taige Ya Ho has launched a price of $ 1,500 watch, and now another Swiss watch brand also sit still, is the famous Tissot.

Tissot recently launched a product called Smart Touch Smart Watch, which uses Tissot developed its own system, the operating system is not equipped with Android Wear. Apple Watch Life day it life a year, probably one of the more slot points.

According to the company introduced Smart Touch Tissot’s main function is to display the time when the user connected the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it will synchronize changes in the international time zone, and weather updates, GPS positioning and tracking, can also transfer air humidity, air quality and temperature data to the smartphone.

Smart Touch functionality closer to Pebble Time such independent smart watch brand, rather than Apple Watch or Gerar2 such powerful features Samsung smart watches. Furthermore, since the Smart Touch is equipped with solar panels, this watch’s battery life can be up to 1 year, far beyond all existing smart watch. In addition, Smart Touch has a very peculiar feature – all the smart features can be turned off, battery life may be more lasting. The watch is expected to be priced at around $ 1000, and will enter the market later this year.


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