US Cancelled Washing Room Restriction

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on March 31, Cooper Union in New York City canceled the male and female toilet signs, allowing students to choose degeneration “lounge.” School practice once came immediately triggered a discussion of the rights of people to use public facilities for transgender people.

It is reported that when the school on the part of the old building for renovation last year, some of the students who will be the name of the movement for equal rights for the transgender slogan tore campus toilet slogans. The campaign eventually succeeded. “Public facilities should not be differentiated on the person’s gender,” the student movement by Leo • Sophia told the “Guardian”, “should ask instead, you need to urinate or defecate?”

Last week, the North Carolina Governor Pat • McCrorey signed a controversial bill that public facilities Privacy and Security Act. The bill prohibited the use of transsexual gender-marked public toilet facilities, which is very different from the practice of Cooper Union.

Supporters say the bill is for security and privacy reasons, does not distinguish between sex easily lead to sexual assault cases. The egalitarians including the United States Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina branch of the organization, including to the state filed a lawsuit claiming that the bill violates the US Constitution and federal Sex Discrimination Act. American Airlines and IBM have also accused the bill.


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