The Development of Wearable Devices

While wearable device does not yet become mainstream on a global scale, but this did not prevent Apple Apple Watch sales hit 3 million within three months feat. In fact, Apple Watch and can not be regarded as a perfect product, but in fact, due in part to its success thanks to the iPhone should be a hit. And what about Apple’s next plan is not only consumers, and even competitors are very concerned about, want to look at Apple Watch 2 actually look like.

Recent rumors suggest that Apple will release Apple Watch 2 conference in March, and time to market will be scheduled for April, and even includes a notification lamp with LED smart strap. Before the news, Apple Watch 2 has started mass production in January, but now, the news broke this statement indicates that Apple will not be published Apple Watch 2 in March, but postponed to the autumn.

Although now Apple Watch Published 2 is still in speculation stage, but probably also see some clues. The first generation of Apple Watch was released in September 2014, but by April 10, 2015 began to accept reservations, April 24 was officially shipping. According to the internal supply chain news, basically Apple Watch 2 no earlier than April release, there may even have to wait until the conference in September and next-generation iPhone simultaneously debut.

The initial rumors also point to a conference in September, but the message from the internal supply chain to display some of the problems seem to be postponed due to the possibility. According to news from “United Daily News” in displays another Apple Watch Published 2.

According to the report, the Chairman Barry Lam, Quanta represent Apple Watch release date will be on June 2. Apple has notified Quanta Changshu plant in the large-scale production in January, when the number of employees in Changshu plant will be significantly increased to 40,000. By the third quarter, Apple Watch 2 will start shipping, but overall shipments will not be much growth.


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