Smart Garments Industry Makes Life More Convenient

Smart Garments Industry recent action also moves frequently, Tissot recently introduced its first smart watch Smart Touch, although not in terms of systems using popular Andriod Wear, but the period can still be connected to the smartphone. Tissot Group CEO said that the main function of Smart Touch with traditional watch the same show is still time, which would mean that it does not have motion detection and health monitoring and other functions, of course, this also shows that the goal is not Apple or Samsung Gear S2 Apple Watch.

It is understood that when the user of this Smart Touch Smart Watch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth After that, it can automatically synchronize changes in the international time zone, and providing weather updates and GPS positioning and tracking. As for the push message and other functions, there is no relevant information.

Tissot’s first smart watch is aimed primarily at consumer groups like outdoor sports. Because the relationship with solar panels, this watch’s battery life up to 1 year. In addition, its intelligent all functions can be turned off, and then continue to work as an ordinary watch.

In addition, Tissot Smart Touch also can transfer air humidity, air quality and temperature data to the smartphone. The watch will enter the market at the end of this year, the price may be set at $ 1,000.


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