New and Fashionable Hero Cup Specially Made Watches

Antique car rally is the focus of skills, reliability and endurance; the most important thing is – the perfect time to grasp. Which is well-known Swiss watch factory Zenith (Zenith) and the British Antique Car race organization (Historic Endurance Rallying Organization, referred to as HERO) as co-HERO Cup official timepiece reasons. Zenith was founded in 1865 and established in 1993, HERO work together; the latter since its establishment has become one of the world’s most successful and most respected antique car race organization, but also long-term investment in the former antique car in the world, this has become a one DNA of the watch factory. Release Cup special edition El Primero Chronomaster Open 1969 Hero watch to celebrate HERO CUP cooperation with the Zenith.

HERO is the antique car rally long distance pioneered the concept, which is now known as the most difficult race antique car racing world and harvest the most fruitful challenge. In fact, the famous “Le Jog Event” (from the previous 1986 cars were produced from the corner of Cornwall to Scotland John headland hardship winter driving trip) has been described as the most stringent in Europe and the world antiques car racing. On the other hand, HERO’s Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo for an event through some of Europe’s most complex road covered in snow and ice; HERO Challenge is a one-day event, and a series of special test and time trial.

HERO also hold some of the more moderate events such enduring Scottish Malts event. In this event, participants must complete a series of tests on the driving route by the famous whiskey distilleries composition and follow a strict schedule. Royal Automobile Club 1,000 Mile Trial is the exclusive pre-war car races, target Summer Trial event is for a regular rally to inject fresh blood. On the other hand, the famous RAC Rally of the Tests tournament return to 2016.


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