Ms. Niu Has Bought A Montblanc Watch

With Switzerland’s leading watchmaking, Montblanc watches, world famous for its excellent quality. Ms. Niu directed at the public Montblanc brand, quality guaranteed only to buy, but watch worth 59,000 yuan in less than two years for the maintenance of the two, so that cattle Ms. very disappointed.

Ms. Niu told reporters in early 2014, she was in the city in the New Century Commercial Plaza, bought a 59,000 yuan worth of Montblanc men’s mechanical watches, but wearing this watch less than six months there is a problem.

Ms. Niu told reporters that the watch close to the skin of an open, probably because the screws out, then got to the store, after depot repair, the store that is to offer eight thousand. For 8,000 yuan maintenance costs, staff Montblanc watch shop in the New Century told bovine President, Depot Repair In addition to the installation of a screw, but also need to watch to do maintenance related to normal wear watches.

In the maintenance records on the reporter saw the first watch Depot Repair in May 2014. Allows cattle lady did not expect that, after wearing the watch Depot back a year, that is, in December 2015, Montblanc watch this a problem again. Ms. Niu said that the movement is inside a screw off the table, stuck, then do not take the word of the table. Right into the factory to repair shops to offer is thirteen thousand five hundred.


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