Fashionable and Professional Watch Maker

2016 Basel Watch Fair will have more than 2,000 watch exhibitors, more than 10 million visitors from over 100 countries attended. Only mainland China will have more than 3,000 practitioners, your visit to Basel. Love the table much, watch is dazzling. So, how do we choose one of their own “new form ‘do?

From the world watch industry in the development process, the 18th century is a critical time node. With the history of mankind’s greatest watchmakers Breguet the first well-known watch “Breguet” sold to businessmen and the royal family, Queen of Louis XVI, Napoleon, George Washington have become the watch collection Family. Breguet was the greatest invention of the tourbillon (tourbi1on), which not only makes up the timepiece in different positions generated error, brought back to the watch industry technical refinement. Thus, for many watch collectors early starters, choice of quality tourbillon is a convenient way.

The 2016 Basel Watch Fair, Harry Winston, Hublot, Swarovski has brought new tourbillon. When selecting new products, well-known watch collector Zhang Shu Chan said:. “Watch design, any kind of style has reason for existence and value of the brand is the key to the unity of style, passion and performance under this style whether infect your ability. ”

For large tables show it, from the professionalism and fashion brands of all products can be divided into two categories. Professional both technical and practical, the degree of emphasis on fashion design sense and heritage. Today, knowledge and fashion king went from two angles professional take you to look at those big debut on the 2016 Basel Watch Fair.


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