Express Delivery Asks Customers to Cancel the Dispute for Bad Quality Watches

“In fact, the value of the watch is not very high, through this experience, deep sea Amoy user rights difficult, we can not transport company complaints, because it abroad. Complaints domestic courier companies, the other party was to shirk the sender transport company head, “Ms Tang told the” IT Times “reporter. March 5, Ms Tang again on the Post Office website appeal a complaint, there are still things that have not been resolved.

Insiders said the courier hand into the shell is not uncommon, the domestic courier often stolen by the sender to deal with consumer rights protection is relatively easy. “But the sea Amoy more trouble, through the links, the sender in foreign countries, many of which are small transport company, to increase the rights of many obstacles.”

From the Amazon to the US transport companies, transport companies from the domestic courier companies, to consumers, in addition to the warehouse delivery model, many commodity sea Amoy user to go through this tedious process. “If consumers encounter problems similar to Ms. Tang express theft, dealing with them is not easy, because in the end is not a good thing to determine in which part of the lost,” the source said.

Reporters noted that Ms Tang first complaint in the complaint Post Office site had been closed, but the matter has not been resolved. In this regard, staff of the National Post website complaint said that under the relevant provisions of the “Postal Law”, express damages apply to the relevant provisions of civil law, that is in accordance with the sender express delivery companies signed an agreement (posted as details of a single shipment endorsement terms) the relevant provisions of compensation. If the shipment does not insured, is lost or damaged, you can request the actual damages. “But because there is no relevant legal basis for the amount of mandatory mediation, we can only recommend Ms Tang again in consultation with the business look, such as the amount of compensation still can not agree, you can protect their interests through legal channels.”


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