China Makes the Biggest LED Smart Watch to Fight with Apple and Fitbit

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and innovative advances in technology and high-performance processing chip’s low power enhancements, smart wearable device gradually from concept to people’s daily lives. After 2016CES and MWC end, intelligent wearable device is pocketed the eye, set off a “smart +” tide, become the new hot consumer electronics products.

March 16, the international authority of the third-party data research firm IDC released the first for the Chinese market, “China wearable device market quarterly tracking report, the fourth quarter of 2015” (hereinafter referred to as the IDC report). The report shows that the fourth quarter of 2015, China wearable device market shipments of 7.9 million units, up 404.9 percent. 2015, the year China accumulated wearable device market shipments of 23.7 million units, up 428.1 percent.

IDC expects 2016 China wearable device market will maintain a 52.9% growth. 2020 shipments will reach 83 million units in the next five-year compound growth rate of 28.5%, it can be called the next five years, “the new outlet Oscars flying pig”!

The form of products, at this stage the intelligent wearable device including smart watches, smart wristbands, head-mounted displays, smart clothes, smart accessories, wearable implantable devices and other categories. Among them, the smart bracelet as one of the highest popularity of smart wearable device, Apple, Huawei, millet, music heart and other major manufacturers have tested the water. Bracelet functions are more abundant, can count steps, wake-up alarm clock, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor, anti-lost positioning.


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